clothes for sea lovers

Since I remember, I´ve lived near the sea. Its simple proximity produces me peace, contemplating its immensity makes me feel calm and helps me to find myself. Sometimes I just need to see the sea to feel good.

Not long ago, my wife (with whom I share the same passion for the sea) and I started to practice scuba diving. Everyone who has been down there could felt overwhelmed by its infinite size and fall in love with its flora and fauna. When you are underwater, it is when you finally find space to meditate and relax.

Scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, surfing and different activities are what help us to feel part of the sea. The simple fact of feeling the sand on the feet, the dry and sensitive skin and the taste of salt in the mouth, brings us closer to it.

From SEANEED we feel a deep respect for the sea and its habitants, that is the reason why our clothes are made of 100% ecological friendly organic cotton.

Thank you for loving and respecting the sea.


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